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Sending a press release for your crypto, NFT, gamefi, or blockchain project to media outlets can be a great way to boost your visibility. But there’s a catch: Most journalists are inundated with these types of emails every day, so if you want to catch their attention, you need to make sure your press release meets the correct standards. Above all, they should be professional, well-written, and relevant.

This applies to all press releases, but crypto press releases come with some additional considerations. You’ll need to follow relevant guidelines and accurately explain your project’s technical details. Plus, since the blockchain sector is still relatively niche and there are a limited number of outlets in the space, it’s important not to ruin potential relationships by sending a poor-quality press release.

Many make the mistake of handing the work of writing a press release to someone with limited experience, or trying to do the task themselves. Instead, your best bet is to hire qualified professionals who know how to craft the perfect crypto and blockchain press releases. It might mean a more significant upfront investment, but it’s worth it if it can accelerate your project.

AP-style press release

Generally, editors expect press releases to follow Associated Press (AP) guidelines, which outline rules about how you should structure your writing, include references, and specific grammar rules. These are released each year in an annual stylebook. Most of the content you read from newspapers or other media outlets follows this format, and it’s expected for press releases covering topics like new product or service launches, events, or new management changes and hires.

It’s also essential to make sure your press release doesn’t contain any grammatical errors, and to ensure that the information you’re including is correct. This helps to give you authority and credibility in the sector.

What we need to write a crypto press release

When you hire a company to write your press release for you, we take the work off your hands. All we need is your website address, the latest news about your company or offering you want to discuss, and some information we can include in the story.

We’ll turn this into a high-quality press release of between 300 and 400 words. Then, you’ll be able to review the finished product, at which point you’ll have the chance to request minor changes, make your own edits, or approve it as it is. Also, if you are not sure about the news you want to promote, just provide us with your website link, and leave the rest to us. We will come up with an interesting newsworthy angle and create an eye-catching press release for you.

Potential topics for a press release

Considering how fast-moving the blockchain industry is, you might be tempted to cover multiple different stories in the same press release. However, journalists will be expecting you to focus on one topic.

The angle you choose will depend on your company’s developments, but you should try to think of something that will get the media interested or relate to the news.

Some examples include:

  • New appointments
  • Product or service launches
  • Awards or accolades
  • Initial coin offerings
  • Events
  • Partnerships
  • Mergers
  • Technological developments
  • Token exchange listings
  • Buybacks

What our service includes

In just two to three days, we’ll deliver you a press release between 300 to 400 words. All our work is professional, well-written, and engaging.