Windows SDK

Windows SDK are software development kits developed by Microsoft Corp. They and other SDK like the Platform SDK and .NET Framework SDK contains samples, documentation, libraries and header files and tools using which developers can develop applications for Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework. The difference between these software development kits or SDK lies in their area of specialization.

Windows SDK is the successor of the Platform SDK and .NET SDK. It also supports application development for the later versions of Windows Operating Systems other than containing more than 750 samples and extensive documentation. Windows SDK can be downloaded and installed in customised form or complete form, from various sources; some of the components are also included in programming platforms like Visual Studio.

Our team in the Windows SDK Development services, use various SDK for earlier versions of the OS, as well as the latest Windows 8. They use them to create apps for the Windows Operating system. We develop apps that run on Windows operating system using Windows SDK and web technologies like CSS3, Javascript, native C/C++, as well as C# or Visual Basic. We design and develop both for the desktop applications that use Win32/COM programming model or .NET programming model using applications.

We not only build apps for various versions of the Windows operating system but also design and develop apps for use in other platforms also. We also develop games and other utility apps for a variety of uses. We also design and develop customised apps for specific requirement as well as proprietary needs.>

We have some of the most talented and creative designers and developers in our Windows SDK development services team. They are excellent programmers and use a variety of programming platforms to develop some amazing apps. They not only customise them but can also make sure that they are used for proprietary purposes too. They develop platform specific apps as well as cross platform apps using the deep knowledge of the softwares and hardware too.