Windows Phone : SDK/.NET

Windows Phone SDK and .NET: opening up new Windows

Microsoft has launched a Windows Phone SDK and .NET focussed more on phones. They make excellent new tools and as an encouragement to developers, the new .NET for Windows Phone 8 is a streamlined version of the .NET Framework 4.5. The new .NET is developed for working specifically with the New Windows 8 based phones.

The integration of CoreCLR, the heart of .NET Framework on top of Windows Phone OS, is the key component of the new .NET Framework for Windows phone. The framework has been overhauled for the new Windows 8 OS based phones. They have also included the async programming models. All these changes are aimed at making apps faster and efficient for all the Windows phones.

The new SDK for Windows phone 8 has also been launched. It can also be installed as an add-on to the Visual Studio 2012 versions. The SDK has a number of features like Windows phone emulators for multiple careen sizes, UI designer for 7.1 and 8 apps as well as expression blend.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Client for application lifecycle management (ALM) and source control of apps and XNA Game Studio for developing games for all Windows are also available in addition to Team Explorer. Our developers have been developing some excellent and highly effective applications using SDK and .NET for Windows. They have been developing some of the most popular and utility apps for windows phones.

SDK and .NET on Windows Phone allows excellent environment for application building. We are known for developing some of the most useful applications for Windows based phones. Our developers also design some thrilling games for windows based phones. These games range from simple games to strategy and other interesting ones too.

Most of the applications developed by our developers using SDK and .NET for Windows Phone are also developed for multiple platforms also. With the new Windows Phone SDK and .NET, new possibilities and options for a range of new and exciting apps are opening up.