SugarCRM is based in Cupertino in California, and is a software development company. The flagship product of this company is known as SugarCRM or Sugar, which, as the name indicated, is a CRM or a Customer Relationship Management system. SugarCRM is available in commercial open source applications as well as open source. Customer relationship management software is one of the most widely used software these days by organisations of almost every size and dimension.

It is because of the flexibility of SugarCRM as well as its ability to cover a variety of business needs, this customer relationship management software is gaining huge popularity among developers across the globe. SugarCRM is also Open source and hence a cost effective and a better option than most CRMs. Integrated with CMS or Content Management Service, SugarCRM can work wonders in providing insight to the business, customer dynamics and helping it grow comprehensively.

We have some of the most talented people in our SugarCRM development services and they can customise most of the major and crucial business processes. They improve and customise functionality including sales force automation and also customer support and collaboration. They can also be customised for mobile CRM and Social CRM as well as reporting. Customisation and developing market activity management, settings and administration, customer service and sales management, call management, payment module management, as well as sales and leads managing and campaign and client account management are some of the areas customised and developed by our expert SugarCRM development services.

Our experts not only customise the CRM as per the business need, they also design and develop different modules based on this open source CRM to maximise your customer relationship management. They also integrate the CRM with Content Management Systems and also embed them in your social networking pages. This helps in having a complete overview of customer behaviour and trends as well as manage customer relationships better. A deep insight to the sales figures and trends also helps in making proper sales strategy and other marketing efforts. Overall, SugarCRM integrated with CMS can work wonders for any business.