With its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA, Salesforce or Inc. is a global cloud computing company. Salesforce has expanded its area and forayed into Social Enterprise Arena through merger and acquisitions, though the flagship product remains its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product. Salesforce was founded by Marc Beinhoff former Executive of Oracle along with Parker Harris, Frank Dominguez and Dave Moellenhoff.

The initial sales automation software codes were written by Moellenhoff, Dominguez and Harris. Some of the products and services of includes the sales cloud, the service cloud,, app exchange and among others. A sales performance accelerator which is a combination of and CRM is to be launched soon.

We offer customisation of Salesforce. We have some of the most experienced developers and programmers who have huge experience on this complex platform, and can design the most efficient and effective custom applications. We develop customer portals and partner portals, intranets as well as public websites, using Salesforce portal platform along with some other tools also. We also use database management systems that are supported by multiple programming languages as well as cloud computing and integrate them with our custom designed Salesforce templates or pages.

We have one of the most talented Salesforce developer team who look after the complete product development and customisation. They also use SDK for mobile development also. All our developed products are supported by multiple platforms and also uniformly accessed by handheld smart devices.

We offer Salesforce support and maintenance services too. Our clients can also access Salesforce experts and Salesforce developer teams for administrative and development issues. Our services are top notch and risk with us is minimal. We monitor our clients’ Salesforce and often recommend and undertake improvement of the applications.

Additionally, we develop the best practises and also offer the best course of action and improvement plan for better sales. We offer customised and complete development of Salesforce and optimise their overall performance. We also offer data management and maintenance of the overall software and application apart from offering services at the most affordable prices with complete solutions for all types of IT related requirements.