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  • 8 Unique Project Review Articles about your project
  • Guaranteed PR writing by our copywriters
  • Guaranteed PR sharing on various medias + socials
  • 20 Big Twitter Influencers Retweets
  • We work with 100+ Celebrity and Big Influencer Twitter accounts
  • Example of accounts: @drakebell, @whalesincoming, @zackboychuk
  • 7 x YouTube Reviews from Influencers (10K-700K Followers)
  • You will be provided with multiple YouTubers to choose from
  • 100 Instagram Micro-Influencers
  • Micro-Influencers will share your content on their Instagram stories and tag your Instagram page and/or website
  • Organic Shilling on Discord – 1 Week
  • 3000 Messages daily from Monday through Friday
  • 1000 Messages sent during Weekend
  • Detailed report at the end of each week
  • You will be able to track the progress and see how many messages were sent in each chat
  • Gain up to 12500 new Twitter followers Guaranteed
  • Gain up to 4500 new Telegram or Discord followers Guaranteed
  • Real users; verifiable with audit tools
  • SEO link-building targeted to growth of intent-driven traffic
  • Transparent and detailed reporting

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