PHP codes can be directly embedded in HTML source, instead of calling external files to process data. It can include command line interface, and also use standalone graphical applications. We have a strong and experienced creative team of PHP Development Services that uses this open source server side programming language for applications, website as well as for software development.

PHP Web Application Development Services Include:

Social networking website development
Community portal website development spanning all industries
E-commerce application development and web store application development
Portal development
Affiliate Platform development
Advertisement platform development
Large Scale enterprise application development
PHP based custom web application development
PHP content management systems
Comprehensive laboratory management system
Virtual science forum development
Educational portals and ERP systems
Networking applications for Entrepreneurs
Advertising systems and online stores
Shopping carts
Online directories and Yellow pages

Our dedicated professionals are experts in developing web designs for e-commerce as well as other web related needs and also programming applications for different platforms. We ensure that the PHP developments are done rapidly and critical projects are implemented within their deadlines. We also ensure cross platform compatibility of these applications. We ensure that they are fast, efficient and effective, as well as take minimum memory space to run.