OpenStack Solutions

ISOFT Corporation is an industry expert in OPENSTACK. We help our customers in designing, developing and deploying their own private cloud built entirely on OPENSTACK. With our expertise in OPENSTACK, we can not only assist you in creating your private cloud, but also to tune up and scale your existing installation.

With OpenStack the possibilities are endless, and we help you achieve them.

Our Services:

Installing and configuring Openstack as per client’s requirement.
Deploying a private, public or hybrid cloud architecture using OpenStack.
Migration of applications to cloud infra.
Moving your organisation to private cloud.
Openstack integration.
Tune up and scaling OpenStack infrastructure.

Use OpenStack and say ‘No’ to Proprietary Cloud

What on earth is OpenStack?

Openstack is a free and open-source software cloud computing software platform also known as Infrastructure as a service or IaaS. It helps you create your own cloud Infrastructure.

The OpenStack cloud operating system enables enterprises and service providers to offer on-demand computing resources, by provisioning and managing large networks of virtual machines. Compute resources are accessible via APIs for developers building cloud applications and via web interfaces for administrators and users. The compute architecture is designed to scale horizontally on standard hardware, enabling the cloud economics companies have come to expect.

OpenStack is architected to provide flexibility as you design your cloud, with no proprietary hardware or software requirements and the ability to integrate with legacy systems and third party technologies. It is designed to manage and automate pools of compute resources and can work with widely available virtualization technologies, as well as bare metal and high-performance computing (HPC) configurations.

Allows restriction and management of large networks of virtual machines.
Offers an infrastructure as a service (Iaas) to create own policies/services.
Provides cloud services to business units and teams.
Processes large data with tools like Hadoop.
Accommodates to the demand of web resources or applications.
Processes diverse and intensive workloads.
Adjusts storage to changing data needs at a low cost due to scale out-storage feature.
Allows block devices (tool that permit reading and writing in sections e.g. CD -ROM) to be exposed and connected for extra storage; now users can manage storage needs with other storage programs; good for use with databases, large file systems or providing access of storage to servers.
Provides a fast adapting system with application programming interface (that allows OpenStack to interact with other software) for flexible management of large networks/IP addresses.


Option of having private or public clouds.
Available anytime at any computer or location through a web browser.
Low costs per megabyte of storage and customers pay for what they use.
Simple to integrate (any organization can offer cloud computing services using their standard hardware e.g. amazon).
Can be upgraded easily (scalable).
Provides an infrastructure as a server (Iaas) for managing large groups of public or private clouds.
Has “Dashboard” for letting users organize and access data/resources.
Unlimited storage.
Built in storage management tools.
Can limit storage access to users.
Protects drive failures by preventing and controlling data corruption.
Users can set an expiration time (e.g. expiry for sales offers in amazon).