An integrated Development Environment or IDE for developing primarily with Java, Netbeans can also be used for other languages like HTML5, PHP, C or C++ and others. Netbeans is also an application platform framework for developing and testing Java Desktop applications and others too. It can run on a number of platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris, OS X and other platforms that support JVM or are Java Virtual machine compatible.

Netbeans is developed using Java for coding. Applications can be developed using modules that are a set of modular software components while using Netbeans platform. Third party developers can extend applications developed using Netbeans platform or Netbeans IDE itself.

There are a number of modules in NetBeans IDE. The Netbeans profiler for monitoring Java applications is mostly used to find memory leaks, optimise speed and do a lot more. The GUI or Graphic User Interface tool is one of the best  design and development tools for developing prototypes and designing Swing GUIs. This can be done by dragging and positioning GUI components. It also has integrated NetBeans JavaScript Editor which extends support for Ajax, CSS and JavaScript among others.

There are also a number of downloadable NetBeans IDE Bundles which are tailored for specific development needs. NetBeans IDE Bundle for Web and Java Enterprise Edition and also for Java ME is available with extremely powerful tools and enhanced features. Netbeans IDE bundles for PHP and also complete bundles can be downloaded for a variety of uses. Netbeans Python is also available from NetBeans IDE Bundle for use in Python among other bundles.

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