Mean Stack

Enabling rapid development of JavaScript, the MEAN Stack Development Services (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js) has been gaining popularity due to the flexibility and ease of development that it brings with it. What exactly is this MEAN Stack Development? Well it’s a combination of the most dynamic JavaScript based technologies.

  • MongoDB – this is a database that uses JSON style documents and represents data in such a way that JavaScript can interpret it easily.
  • ExpressJS – this is a web application framework that provides many helpful components and modules that are used to build a website.
  • AngularJS – this is basically a frontend framework developed by Google that architects the complex JavaScript code to modular code along with a data binding UI.
  • Node.js – this is a javascript environment that is used to build highly scalable websites.

Some of the tools that are used for development with the Mean Stack are:

  • NPM which is a node package manager that helps install node modules on a per project basis or globally.
  • Bower is a front end package manager developed by Twitter and helps install the front end libraries like AngularJS and Bootstrap. Grunt is a javascript task runner.
  • ISOFT is a premier web solutions company that provides businesses with expert level solutions using the MEAN Full Stack js Development. Our developers have years of experience in providing web solutions with a diverse set of technologies. MEAN Stack offers businesses with excellent javascript based solutions.

Why MEAN Stack?

  • Combining the power of 4 powerful technologies MangoDB, ExpressDB, AngularJS and Node.js.
  • MEAN Stack comes with a very powerful suite of testing tools.
  • Dynamic JavaScripts can be directly included in your templates.
  • Helps avoid unnecessary grunt work and keeps your application organized.
  • Creates a simple open source solution that is used to build robust and maintainable solutions.
  • Open source Full Stack Solution for MEAN Applications.
    Helps in rapid development of applications.