Data, information and knowledge management are key activities in today’s gamut of technological innovation. An optimal handling of information asset is very critical in the financial field, a conceptually rich domain where information is complex, huge in volume and a highly valuable business product by itself. Isoftcorporation’s financial services are a unique provider of financial solutions to the business-to-business market.

Our financial services professionals have broad understanding of the industry and the technologies required to give enterprises the competitive edge. Our finance services outlines risk and compliance solutions, equity, asset and wealth management system, corporate finance solutions and business advisory or consulting services. We combine our industry knowledge with our financing expertise to provide integrated, innovative and reliable financing solutions backed by the financial stability and Isoftcorporation resources.

Our Finance Portfolio and Capability includes:

  • Financial Portfolio Management System
  • Financial Control and Reporting Solutions
  • Integration of Financial Portals with Trading Platform
  • Asset and Wealth Management System
  • Operational Fund Accounting
  • Risk and Compliance Solutions Suite
  • System for Investment Banking and Brokerage
  • Financial Community Portal Development
  • Accountancy Website Design and Development

Simplify your Earnings

At Isoftcorporation, we help financial service providers to gain efficient, innovative and effective financial solutions that mitigate risk, comply with regulations and open new earning opportunities for you and your customers. We also focus over smooth conversion and migration of modern platforms on data, logic and other core processes of your business.

With specific domain expertise and technical capability, we provide finance industry the customized solutions of any requirement and specification. Having delivered many projects successfully, we realize the need to constantly align ourselves with the new emerging dynamics, industry standards and market challenges and changes. Our financial solutions fulfill the current and future market needs of our customers while keeping the costs reasonable enough.

With proven expertise and extensive experience, we offer a completely integrated suite of financial solutions that optimize investment, enhance operational efficiency and minimize risk.