E-Commerce Solution

Prior to the commencement of your e-commerce project, we analyze, assess and tap into our consumer insights panel to better understand your target audience and develop more effective purchasing experiences.

We have developed e-commerce ventures that draw million dollar sales and daily transactions. In order for a customer to make a purchase, Grafdom creates the ideal online retail environment to optimize interactivity at all stages of the cycle and maximize sales generation.

Ecommerce Platform Selection

At ISOFT, we select the best ecommerce platform which adequately answers all your business needs. The idea is to make sure that you are able to get an ecommerce website which abodes well with your customers’ and easy enough for day to day management of products or services offered by your company.

Types of Ecommerce Solutions Offered

Custom Ecommerce

A custom ecommerce website is designed to ensure that you get all the features that you require. The process of making a custom ecommerce website design starts by first discussing your company’s requirements. Our team of ecommerce website designers and developers would suggest the features that you need to have while keeping your business environment in context. They will share some examples of how these different functionalities would add to your online sales and improve your business.


At ISOFT we built OpenCart websites which fully support ecommerce. The designs created by our ecommerce graphic designers are focused on products. We aim to ensure that the ecommerce website designs created using OpenCart adjust well within any website and are fully responsive. Responsiveness has become the norm and therefore you do not need to worry about it when you are hiring our ecommerce web design services. We use large images which would go well with the templates of OpenCart to showcase in-depth product visibility.


The ecommerce websites built in Magento by ISOFT team offer a robust backend to provide you something that has been tailored to your business requirements. Our website designers and developers work on custom Magento themes to meet your expectations. You can also find the Magento store built by our website designers and developers very useful. Our team would ensure that your business is able to get all the depth that Magento has to offer as an ecommerce platform. Get custom extensions developed for added utilities.


ISOFT also offers website design and development services in BigCommerce. Besides high quality website design we like to differentiate ourselves as digital marketing experts who optimize the user journey online. There are several reasons why many of our customers insist on getting their websites developed in BigCommerce. There are thousands of websites developed online using BigCommerce, it has a built-in SEO optimization feature, has blogging by-default for easy content marketing, can easily integrate Google Shopping, and supports CDN (Content Delivery Network) something that heavily trafficked websites badly need.


Prestashop is one of the world’s leading ecommerce software used to create online stores. Many businesses nowadays prefer to get their ecommerce websites developed in Prestashop. Our developers and designers would ensure that all the functionalities offered by Prestashop are taken advantage of. All the latest features of Prestashop available are reviewed to apply the ones applicable to your business requirements. The designers of ISOFT take equal part in making the online stores beautiful. The Prestashop ecommerce website services offered by our designers and developers take care of aesthetics as well as the functionality.

E-commerce  Plugins We Support


Woocommerce is one of the most used and favored ecommerce plugin around the world. It provides our customers with great flexibility. There are many value-for-money additions that can help your website get better SEO rankings when optimizing a product or service. By using our woocommerce services, you can be sure of safe transactions and support for different payment gateways. One of the reasons why we recommend woocommerce over other ecommerce plugins is because of the continuous support and regular updates offered by the team behind it. A built-in analytics would make sure that you keep track of all the orders, sales and other important information related to ecommerce transactions.


Marketpress is another famous ecommerce plugin. Our developers also develop ecommerce websites where they integrate Marketpress. The idea is to make sure that you can easily use the plugin once your website has been completed and handed over to you. You can easily start selling your products online within no time. And one of the best things about Marketpress is that it goes well with any of the WordPress based websites. Marketpress also supports many built-in themes and templates to give added flexibility.

WP Ecommerce

WP Ecommerce is another useful ecommerce plugin that goes really well with the WordPress websites. We prefer WP Ecommerce over many other makeshift ecommerce plugins because it is simple to use and provides robust security. We can help you customize the look and feel of your online store within the WP Ecommerce plugin. This helps you get full control over the look and feel of the online shopping experience. And one of the added benefits of having WP Ecommerce is that it supports many types of ecommerce websites for selling physical inventory, digital downloads, memberships and subscriptions etc.


eShop is another very handy ecommerce plugin. It provides you with all the modern features that you would like to have within your ecommerce website. It has a designated plugin that can be installed to go with any WordPress theme. You can easily create new products within eShop or embed them into posts and pages. It is compatible with custom post types. eShop provides multiple ways of listing products which is something very useful when we are aiming to add more variety. The support for several different payment gateways ensures that you do not have any problem receiving payments from any particular method.


The last but very useful ecommerce plugin for which we offer support is the Cart66. It is used by our developers because it offers secure and highly efficient ecommerce. Many websites around the world rely upon Cart66 for selling products or services on their websites. By installing and customizing Cart66 for your website all the data will be transmitted securely including sensitive credit card information. You can also easily integrate your digital products without any hassle. Other benefits include multiple shipping options, support for several currencies, and global acceptability. You can also create custom fields for products, integrate affiliate programs, add product variations, and customize email receipts.

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