C was developed by Dennis Bell Labs, as a general purpose programming language. One of the most popular programming languages, C is also the inspiring factor for a number of programming platforms like Java, C#, PHP, Unix’s C Shell and so on. C++ was being developed to be a pre-processor of C but it has almost become a superset of C. C++ can also be intermediate level language and comprises features of both high level as well as low level programming languages.

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C/C++ are two of the most favoured programming platforms for developing applications and other programs for a variety of uses. We have a talented pool of developers and programmers in our C/C++ Development services team who develops compilers, high performance server and client applications, games and cross platform as well as platform-specific applications.

We also develop C/C++ compiler software and many other custom-designed and developed software solutions for both servers handheld devices and other electronic controls. We also use complaint multi-agent platform that supports C/C++ mobile agents in embedded systems as well as in networked intelligent mechatronics. Experts at our C/C++ Development services team use programming platforms and a host of other softwares to develop some utility applications as well as other applications that cater to the fields of entertainment, education, and lot more.

Allocating memory allocations and memory management using static, dynamic and automatic memory allocation is effectively and efficiently using the programming languages. Our team is developing applications as well as other programs for embedded systems of handheld devices and also for other computing systems which will be workable in all platforms like iOS, Windows as well as Androids.

Though C++ is generally considered to be a superset of C, this is not necessarily true. Most C++ compilers can be made to compile C codes. They can also be used in a variety of other ways to design and develop programs, applications and softwares for use across various platforms.